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  1. 30 W solar system, it can power 3 pcs 3W LED lamp for more than 12 hours
  2. Ideal for Homes, Shops, Camping and Outdoors Activities
  3. Good, fashionable and romantic for your cabin, boat etc.
  4. Household power system can support , lighting, radio, fan and mobile phones charging.
  5. LED Battery Level indicator
  6. Battery Charging Indicator
  7. Built-in Battery Overcharge and over discharge protections
  8. Sealed Maintenance Free Battery
  9. Plug and Play Installation
  10. Approved by CE, Rohs



  1. Off-Grid Lighting for Remote Households
  2. Shops
  3. Cabins
  4. Camping
  5. Boats
  6. Backup lighting during power outage/ Load shedding
  7. Emergency and Disaster relief


Part Number: SLR002E-30W-TPW-101

1. solar panel: 30W/18V with 5M cable
2. Battery: Acid-lead battery, 12V/12Ah
3. Lamp: 3*3W LED lamp with 5m cable
4. 12 VDC output * 7 pcs, 5V DC output * 2
5. Charging time: 8~10 hours
6.Working time: More than 12 hours for 3 lamps

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