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Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid AGM battery, maintenance free, Deep Cycle Ideal for Solar and Standby Power Applications Like UPS.

  • 10 years design life
  • Completely maintenance free, sealed construction
    eliminates the need for watering.
  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for
    heavy demand applications.
  • Special formation process.
  • Analytical Grade electrolyte.
  • Spill proof / leak proof.
  • Valve regulated Max internal pressure 2.5 psi.
  • Multi-position usage.
  • ABS Case and cover – V0 on request.
  • Low self discharge.
  • FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous.

  • Power Plants of remote villages
  • Radio relay stations of telecommunication services
  • Industrial Applications
  • Energy Storage
  • Street & garden lighting
  • Hybrid power supplies