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Solar LED Batten Lighting Kit

Features :

  • Minimum 8 hours of lighting over a night.
  • Energy saving, long life time.
  • High brightness with least heat and no UV radiation.
  • A powerful battery that supports longest hours of lighting functions.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for solar panel and lighting fixture.
  • Compatible to traditional lamps, easy for installation and replacement .
  • USB output for mobile charging.
  • 1 Year Warranty.




Lighting system for use,

  1. Temporary tents lighting
  2. Sheds lighting of pathway
  3. Warehouse lighting
  4. Refugee tents lighting
  5. Car Port Lighting
  6. Horse stable lighting

Part Number : SBL360-10W-XCW-101

  1. LED Peak Power:  12 Watts
  2. Luminous Flux(lm): >12,00 lm
  3. Beam Angle:  120 Degree
  4. Solar Panel: 10W 6V Monocrystalline
  5. Charge Cable: 5 Meters
  6. Wall Swith Cable: 4 Meters
  7. Battery Type: Lithium ion
  8. Capacity: 3.7V 12AH
  9. USB Output:5V 1A 1pc
  10. Remote Control: Yes

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