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12V/24V DC Charging Control for Solar Panel Modules 5W up to 100W

Auto Detect — 5A & 15A — Solid State — Charges While LEDs in Use — Hi/Lo Battery Protection.

Warranty: 1 Year
Reverse Voltage/Charge Protection:
Does Not Allow the Battery to Drain Back into the Solar Array When the Array Is Not Charging the Battery.
Overcharge Protection:
Senses When the Battery Is Fully Charged, Keeping It at a Safe Voltage.

Discharge Prevention:
Turns Off the Load When Battery Voltage Drops Below a Safe Level – Prevents Discharging the Battery to Zero Volts, Possibly Causing a Reverse-Charge Condition Or Damaging the Battery


IP22 Rating Adjustable Timer Control
System Auto-Detect: 2V/24V
Temperature Compensation
PWM Charging
Low Overhead Power Consumption
Reversed Battery Connection Protection
All Solid-State Circuitry:
No Relays to Fail
Ambient Light Sensor
(Solar Panel as a Light Sensor) with Adjustable Set Point – Power to Lights May Be
Programmed to Turn ON at Different Ambient Light Conditions
Designed for Gelled Lead-Acid
Batteries – Not Recommended for NiCad Batteries