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  1. 4 to 8 hours running time after one sunny day charging
  2. 2 light level
  3. Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant
  4. Compact and Portable
  5. Charge by Built-In Solar Panel
  6. 1 Year Limited Warranty



  1. Backup lights for Rolling blackouts/ Load shedding
  2. Home Lighting for rural areas
  3. Can be used as General Task or handheld spot light
  4. Disaster, earthquake and hurricane and flood survival kits
  5. Cabin Lighting, boats and recreation vehicles
  6. Roadside emergency vehicle lighting

Part Number: SLR-LANTERN-104-101

  1. Solar Panel: 0.45W/4.5V Poly Solar Panel
  2. Battery: 3.2V/400mAH
  3. Light source: 0.5W x 1 piece white LED
  4. Hours of light with full battery:
    2 settings for light: I/II
    – I: at least 8 hours
    – II: at least 4 hours
  5. Input : Sunlight or DC
  6. Materials: ABS and PC
  7. Overcharge and over discharge protection

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